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Policies & Regulations

Alcohol Policy

Possession and/or consumption of alcohol on state property is prohibited in accordance with Minnesota State guidelines.

Changes and Cancellations

Cancellation requests must be submitted 30 days in writing to the WSU Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life. Notice of arrival/departure changes should be submitted to the program director.

Damages and/or Missing Items

Participants will be charged for any missing items or damages that occur during their stay.  The charges for damages will be invoiced and mailed to the participants’ permanent address.


Each participant will be issued one key and one access card. A lost key will be charged $50 for replacement. A bent or broken key will be charged $10 for replacement. A lost or damaged access card will be charged $50.

Personal Property Insurance

Guests are encouraged to carry their own personal property insurance. WSU assumes no responsibility for theft of, or loss of, personal property of any resident or guest from private rooms/apartments, storage areas and public areas. All thefts should be reported to WSU Campus Security immediately at 507.457.5555.


Pets are not allowed in any Winona State housing facility. The only exception is a fish tank of up to a 10-gallon.

Refund Policy

Advance payments will only be refunded for emergency medical reasons of either leaseholder. All medical reasons must be substantiated in writing by a medical physician as soon as possible but no less than 30 days prior to arrival. This must be submitted with a cancellation request.

Tobacco Free Environment Policy

Winona State University’s Tobacco-Free Environment Policy prohibits smoking and smokeless tobacco usage in all campus buildings, in all university-owned vehicles, and on all university properties, including outdoor athletic facilities. Smoking/smokeless tobacco usage includes all tobacco products, such as:

  • the carrying of a lighted cigarette
  • cigar or pipe
  • the use of other lighted smoking materials
  • the use of any smokeless tobacco products such as chewing tobacco snuff, smokeless pouches or other forms of loose leaf tobacco

WSU’s Tobacco-Free Policy is available upon request.