Converting to the web2010 format

We won't lie. Conversion isn't super-easy or instantaneous. Anything worthwhile rarely is, right? 

But please, don't worry. The Web Team will be at your side walking you through the process step-by-step. And we'll be there for you once your fancy new site is up and running, too.

New look. New life.

Together, we'll not only give your site an aesthetic makeover, we'll build your site strategically, making it more effective, organized and user-friendly.  

Get started.

To begin the conversion process, send an email that includes the following information to

-Your name
-Your department or office
-The name of your department head or supervisor

Conversion FAQ

A: The goals of web2010 go far beyond cosmetic enhancement. We're talking complete overhaul -- meaningful improvements. When moving your site, you'll be well supported, and will be expected to actively participate. Site conversion is a six-week process that begins when you  send an email that includes the following information to

-Your name
-Your department or office 
-The name of your department head or supervisor

You'll then be contacted by the web team for scheduling and logistics.  

A: The conversion process is analogous to building a house. You'll work as a project manager alongside a team of professional web architects, contractors and interior designers. With your co-direction, they'll take care of the blueprints, bricks and mortar. They'll even lay out the welcome mat. 

Once it's built and they hand over the keys, the place is yours. You'll be responsible for upkeep. If you have a leaky pipe, they'll send the plumbers over, straightaway. If you'd like your space feng shuied, they'll show you how to achieve aesthetic functionality. But they won't make your bed or sweep the floors. 

Weekly breakdown:
Week 1: The department head and department web editor will meet with members of the web team for an initial site assessment and consultation.
Week 2:. The department head and web editor will attend the Web Content Guidelines training course.
Week 3: Department members will revise their site content as necessary, and then submit content, including text, links (with accurate URLs), images and/or video to web team consultant.
Week 4: The web team will migrate submitted content into a new web2010-formatted site.
Week 5: While the web team is building the new site, the department web editor will train in Open Text, WSU's  web content management system.
Week 6: Department members will review and proof their new site. The department web editor will make any corrections, with support from their web team consultant.

For more information on site conversion, please contact:

A: Not surprisingly, we've found building successful websites requires a team effort.

    -Your department head
: Since the department head knows best the vision and goals of your department, he or she will need to be involved to make sure your website accurately and adequately represents your department.

    -A designated website editor: The web editor will be trained on how to use WSU's web content management system. Under direction of the department head, the web editor will be responsible for carrying out changes to and maintenance of the department's website. 

    -A cadre of web team members: A web consultant from the Marketing and Communications department will guide and assist you throughout the conversion process and beyond. You'll also be working with a team of IT professionals who will build your site, answer your questions, and fix any tech issues you may encounter.