Meet Our Staff


Eunie Alsaker | MSSW, LICSW

Eunie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked at Counseling Services since 2003. She loves working with students during this important time in their lives.

Her special interests include grief and loss, anxiety, stress management, adjustment to college, and relationship concerns.

She is a nationally certified grief counselor and is trained in cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, and strength-based counseling.

Eunie views presenting concerns holistically and helps students build skills for resiliency. She believes college is an important time for developing meaning and connections.


Serena Bohn | MS, LPC

Serena is a licensed professional counselor with her master’s degree in clinical mental health from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

She believes the relationship with your counselor is the foundation to success. She is empathetic and understanding, meeting you where you are, while also maintaining transparency and honesty.

Her goal is to foster hope, resiliency, independence, and assist in growing your self-awareness.

While she engages in a variety of approaches, she often explores the past as a tool to help you shape the present, works with you on building self-compassion, and uses awareness of your thoughts to help you address your behaviors to create more informed choices now and in your future.


Lynda Brzezinski | PhD, LP

Lynda has her doctorate in Counseling Psychology and is licensed as a Psychologist in Minnesota. Her approach to counseling tends to be cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, and solution-focused.

She is a practitioner of brief therapy who works with a wide variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, adjustment to college, stress, academic success, and career/major indecision.

Lynda is not here to "fix" you or overhaul your personality but will help you identify your strengths and resources as you deal with the problem or problems that bring you to counseling.

She also is very wellness focused in her work, believing that we need to attend to all aspects of our lives -- physical, social, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, environmental, and emotional -- to be the best that we can be.


Kateri Johnson | MS, LPCC, Interim Director

Kateri is a licensed professional clinical counselor and received both her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her master’s degree in community counseling from Winona State.

She has special interest in issues of stress, anxiety, grief, and substance abuse. Her approaches to counseling are cognitive-behavioral therapy, which focuses on how thoughts impact feelings and behaviors, and motivational interviewing, which helps explore and resolve ambivalence of change.

She is also trained in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) which promotes a healthy acceptance of thoughts and emotions.

Kateri understands that college years are an exciting but stressful time, and she is passionate about helping students establish healthy habits to carry them through college and beyond.


Mick Lynch | PsyD, LP, CMPC

Mick is a dedicated clinical and sport psychologist who has a passion for what he does. He believes people have the power to change, grow, and flourish and that counseling can help this happen.

He views counseling as a way to not only resolve problems, but also as an avenue to achieve goals and create a more meaningful, productive, and fulfilling life.

One of Mick’s specialties is working with student-athletes and other non-sport performers. He works with these students to learn how to manage their thoughts and emotions to enhance performance, maximize success, and optimize their experience.


Jamie Sanders | LICSW


Aiden | Therapy Dog

Hello, my name is Aiden! I’m a Boxer/Pug mix and I finally passed my test to be registered as an AKC Canine Good Citizen.

As dog breeds go, I only have about 30% working intelligence, and mom has been working with me for four years to pass this test! See, a little determination can go a long way!

So, some interesting things about me? I’m an excellent snuggler and if you let me, I’ll sit in your lap. I love playing fetch but I have trouble giving back the ball. Fetch quickly becomes my next favorite game – tug!

I’m a funny boy, and at times you will see me try to catch my very short, very stumpy tail, circling one way and then trying the next direction. I haven’t caught it yet, but like I said, I’m very determined!

I provide dog comfort at WSU Counseling Services. Students often miss their own animals when they come to campus and I’m here to help support. It’s hard not to smile at me!

If you would like to meet with me and my mom for counseling, please contact her at


Winston | Therapy Dog

Hello, my name is Winston! I’m a blue heeler/rat terrier mix. I am a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International and an AKC Canine Good Citizen. My mom, Lynda Brzezinski, just thinks I’m a goof!

You know, there is a lot research support that indicates that we dogs are great at helping people with stress, depression, and anxiety.

I haven’t read that research, but I do know that when I eagerly greet a student with a whole body-wag, everyone smiles and I get lots of attention.

My job at WSU Counseling Services is to help students feel better and more relaxed – a little bit of dog comfort can go a long way!

When I don’t come to work with my mom, I enjoy stealing the toys from my canine siblings! My favorite hobbies are digging holes in the yard, barking at the cars that drive past the yard and the squirrels outside the window, and playing fetch!

I also like going to several nursing care facilities in Winona…mostly because my mom will sometimes get me ice cream on the way home if I’m a good boy, which I always am (wink, wink)!

If you would like to meet with me and my mom for counseling, please contact her at