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Career Exploration

Need help choosing a major or thinking about changing your major?
Need some career information? 

Counseling Services and Career Services both offer career counseling and career testing. Counseling Services is located in the Integrated Wellness Complex, Room 222 or call 507.457.5330. Career Services is located in Maxwell Hall 314 or call 507.457.5878

Deciding Your Major 

Deciding Your Major provides guidance on exploring and choosing a major. You can access career and major information through any one of the 5 steps:

  • Explore Self
  • Explore Majors at WSU
  • Explore Careers
  • Evaluate Your Options
  • Declare a Major!  

FOCUS 2 - Career Exploration


This instrument offers five valid assessments (Work Interest, Personality, Skills, Values, Leisure Interests) to help you explore career options, choose a major, and set career goals and make decisions about your future.  As a participant, you will create a username and password, which will allow you to build a portfolio and action plan.  You will also be able to save and print assessment results and job and career favorites throughout your WSU academic career.  

First time users, please use the following access code:  warrior

Returning users, login with the username and password you created.


Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory is designed to help students gain information about their pattern of interests and how these interests compare to those of people already employed in a wide variety of occupations. Although it will not tell you what you “should” be, it will provide you a list of occupations and majors that seem to be good fits. This can be a great first step in career exploration! Available at Counseling Services, 222 Integrated Wellness Complex, 457.5330 OR Career Services, Third Floor Maxwell, 457.5878.

Career/Life Decision Making – CE 200 (3 credits) 

Do you want to become more actively involved in planning and making decisions related to your college program, future career and life in general?  This course is for you!  In this course, class members will: 

  • Increase understanding of the process of career and life planning
  • Strengthen skills in self-assessment, decision-making, and collaboration
  • Explore options within the University’s programs
  • Increase familiarity with career planning materials and resources
  • Develop positive coping skills and strategies to enhance one’s ongoing college experience. 

    Enroll in Counselor Education (CE) 200 during registration.