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Services Provided


If you have questions about a situation or a specific student, or are wondering about the appropriateness of a referral, you are welcome to call a counselor. A brief consultation may help you sort out approaches. If a student is being seen by Counseling Services, confidentiality applies. Counselors will be able to listen to any specific concerns you have or information you wish to provide but will not be able to share any information with you about the student unless we have a signed release of information or assess the student to be at risk of self-harm. We can address general questions about psychological concerns.

Individual Counseling

We offer short-term individual counseling to all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. Any issue may be discussed; however, because we offer only short-term counseling issues flagged as potentially long-term are referred to a community counselor. We also provide career counseling or help with choosing a major.

Crisis Intervention/Walk-in Appointments

Regular appointments are scheduled in advance.  However, part of every day is reserved for walk-in appointments. A phone call alerting us to the situation is helpful but not necessary. If a student reports a life-threatening situation or is unable to cope, you may walk the student to Counseling Services. If it is after 4:30 and you are concerned a student may be suicidal, please call 911 or help the student find someone to bring him/her to the ER. Twenty-four hour crisis line services are available at 1.800.362.8255. Campus security can be reached at x5555. 

Outreach Programming

Trainings are available on a variety of topics such as stress management, wellness concepts, test and speech anxiety and depression/suicide.  To schedule an outreach program, contact our office manager, Debbie Dickenson. Please give us as much notice as possible. Ability to fulfill a request is dependent upon staff availability and expertise.  Please provide the topic of the program or presentation, the date and time, and the intended audience and estimated number of attendees.