Design and Print Planning

Call Creative Services at 507.457.5025 to schedule an appointment to discuss your project.
  • For the initial meeting please bring any text, photos and graphics or previous versions you want to use.
  • Routine projects like business cards take only a couple of days to layout. The design phase takes two to three weeks for most new projects, and longer for booklets and other large projects.
  • During the design stage, graphic designers create layouts consistent with university standards and will provide proofs so you can double check facts, spelling, numbers and contact information.
  • You will sign off with your approval along the way and for the final design.
  • Ten working days is the standard time needed for printing, regardless of whether the project is printed at WSU or at an outside printer.
Note: Making major content additions and revisions during the design stage will delay production.

To keep your project on schedule:
  • Determine a project coordinator who will answer questions and/or verify information about the project.
  • Establish an approval process by determining who will be responsible to review proofs and grant final approval.
  • Establish a schedule that gives you plenty of time to acquire the necessary approvals based on your desired publication date.
Remember, it takes more time than you might think to complete a project. Plan ahead to meet your optimal timeline.