Emily Malchow '15

Emily was recently hired by the Minnesota Department of Corrections as Probation and Parole Agent.
 Emily Malchow

Chad Lubinski '14

Chad was hired after his internship as a probation officer aide at Yamhill County Community Corrections in Oregon. 

 WSU Criminal Justice Alum Chad Lubinski

Steven Rysted '12

Steven was recently hired as a Community Service Officer at the Winona Police Department.

 WSU Criminal Justice Alum Steven Rysted

Ben Meinnert

Ben was recently sworn in as a new police lieutenant at the Two Rivers, Wisconsin Police Department.

 WSU Criminal Justice Alum Ben Meinnert

Terry Terpstra '97

Terry has recently been hired as the police chief of Cuba City, Wisconsin.

 WSU Criminal Justice Alum Terry Terpstra

Shelly Cole '01

Shelly recently accepted the position of Coordinator for the Rice County Family Services Collaborative. She is responsible for coordinating prevention services in the county including chemical health, mental health and truancy prevention. Shelly works very closely with many groups including law enforcement and corrections. Prior to her new position she spent ten years working as a Drug and Alcohol counselor. Her WSU internship at Rice County Community Corrections played a key role in obtaining her first job.

 WSU Criminal Justice Alum Shelly Cole

Joel Flaten '11

Joel was hired by the Onalaska Police Department in 2011.

 Joel Flaten Photo