Winona State Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program develops the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for professional positions in law enforcement, corrections and other criminal justice and human service agencies, as well as entry into graduate programs.

The Criminal Justice program at Winona State University is committed to improving the criminal justice system, to preparing ethical and professional criminal justice practitioners, and to promoting justice for all. We stand against racism and discrimination of any kind.

Working within criminal justice is an honorable profession, but only when professionals do honor within it.

Doing honor within the system requires values of impartiality and equity, respect for others, upholding the law, respecting liberty and the rights of all individuals, and standing against the abuse of power.

We promote social justice. These values alone are not enough. We must all continually strive to honor these values in our thoughts, words and actions, and we condemn the thoughts, words, and actions of any who do not.

We are proud of our curriculum, our students, and our faculty who work every day to advance the interests of justice.

At the same time, we recognize that quality criminal justice instruction requires continual reexamination and change where necessary to ensure that the core concepts of liberty and justice are emphasized in all that we do.

We are committed to continually improving the lessons we teach, the professionals we prepare, and the messages we send.

Program Features

Students graduating from the criminal justice program will understand the basic components of the U.S. criminal justice system, as well as the unique ability to:

  • Gain on-the-job training
  • Select specialization tracks in law enforcement or corrections
  • Understand crime causation Comprehension of the process and impact on social research
  • Advanced knowledge of the criminal justice system

The criminal justice program is also a professional peace officer education program certified by the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).