J Term Courses

WSU has a brand new way for you to catch up, keep up or get ahead this academic year with the addition of a J Term.

J Term classes are held from Dec. 11, 2020 - Jan. 10, 2021.

J Term classes can help students who may be feeling behind or who are looking for an opportunity to fast track their time to graduation.

Here's what you need to know.

If you have general questions about J Term, contact Heather Dieterman at hdieterman@winona.edu.

Otherwise, talk to your faculty advisor about specific courses and what makes sense for you.


You can register for J Term classes when your Spring registration window opens.

J Term classes will be listed with Spring semester classes, but all will be labeled (J TERM) in the course title.

If you are considering J Term, remember you will be completing all the work required of the course in a condensed timeline.

Taking more than one J Term class is very ambitious. Consult with your advisor before registering for a second course.

Billing and Financial Aid

J Term courses will be billed at the Spring 2021 per-credit tuition and fee rates.

Financial Aid options and eligibility will be determined through consultation with a financial aid advisor. Email financialaid@winona.edu to learn more.

J Term will not be built into banded tuition for Spring.

Course Offerings

Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Courses

NURS 747: Procedures for APRNs -- WSU-Rochester tuition and fee rates will apply.