Learning Tools

When moving to an online format, you may find that you'll need to learn to use new and different tools.

Learn about the tools and technology you need to be successful.

Top Tools

D2L Brightspace and Zoom will help you access course materials and stay connected with your instructors and classmates.

Remember to practice and ask for help when you need it.

D2L Brightspace

Your instructor will use D2L Brightspace to manage course content and provide opportunities for you to interact with them and your classmates.

You will have online access to your course syllabus, discussion forums, announcements, assignments, and more. Be sure to watch for information from your instructor as to the elements of Brightspace that you'll use.

You will use your StarID and password to log into D2L Brightspace. Get started by logging in and explore the course navigation.


Zoom provides you with the opportunity to conduct and attend online meetings.

You can host a Zoom room for 1:1 or group meetings, making it a great way to collaborate virtually on class projects or participate in video chats with your classmates and your instructor.

Connecting to a Zoom room is quick and easy, just click the link that your instructor provides.

Want to make Zoom meetings a little more fun?

Choose one of these custom backgrounds to show off your personality and Warrior pride.

Online Textbooks with Redshelf

Redshelf is a free resource for online textbooks. You can create a free account and search for the books you need. Books are being continually added to the list.

Microsoft Office 365

As a student, you have access to Microsoft Office 365. This access provides you with a suite of productivity, creative, and collaboration tools as well as familiar Office applications, like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. 

Learn how to access Microsoft Office 365 and the tools that are available to you.

Basic Technology Requirements

You will need some basic technology to be successful in your online classes, including:

Access & Disability Services

If you need accommodations such as assistive technology or accessible media, Access Services will work to enable equitable access to learning.