Diversity Summit Results

2. Building and Supporting a Diverse Faculty & Staff

There are very few diverse faculty and staff members at WSU. Those that are here need to be supported, especially new members of our university. Efforts should also be made to increase the number of diverse faculty and staff on campus.

Specific recommendations for building and supporting a more diverse faculty and staff included:

  • Provide training/education for the entire campus community in the areas of diversity and non-discrimination.
  • Develop resources to support new diverse faculty/staff, including mentoring programs.
  • Develop relationships with other colleges/universities so WSU can receive and support more visiting professors and exchange programs.
  • Examine ways to incorporate diversity criteria into faculty PDRs and employee/staff personnel evaluations.
  • Develop a universal definition of our collective responsibilities for building and supporting diversity at WSU. This should be something we incorporate into the fabric of the university, from course syllabi on up.