Diversity Summit Results

1. Building and Supporting a Diverse Student Body

Our diverse students need to feel valued and supported, and our non-diverse students need to learn how to contribute to this culture and why it is important. Education and training opportunities for students need to begin when students first come to campus. Faculty and staff need to be educated and trained in this regard as well, to hold our university accountable in these endeavors.

Specific recommendations for building and supporting a more diverse student body included:

  • Increase opportunities for education, training and programming for faculty and staff, as well as for students.
  • Provide a visible and accessible Safe Space for all students that would house a range of diversity resources.
  • Support increased recruitment and retention efforts for diverse students, including increased scholarship opportunities.
  • Work to change the culture at WSU to embrace diversity everywhere, all the time. This requires actionable goals in every area and "diversity" considered a top priority of the university.