Early Childhood & Elementary Programs

Bachelor of Science - Teaching Programs

There are three program options available in the Early Childhood & Elementary Programs.

Elementary Education (K-6)

Elementary Education K-6 is one of the most popular majors within the College of Education.

The emphasis is on transformational education, the commitment to every learner’s success and to closing the achievement gap in a rapidly changing society.

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Elementary Education with Early Childhood Emphasis

The Early Childhood program is for ambitious students who want to expand their licensure area to include students who are younger than kindergarten.

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Early Childhood Education

Online Program

Are you already working in Early Childhood and looking to get your Early Childhood license? Or do you have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood?

If so, the Online Early Childhood Education program is just right for you.

This program combines online and hybrid courses that allow you to get your degree from the comfort of your home. We'll also coordinate field placements near you!

Learn more about the Early Childhood Education Online Program.

Middle Level Minors

Middle Level Minors can be added to the Elementary Education K-6 major. There are many reasons that you might want to do this.

One reason is that this will make you more marketable as you enter the teaching profession. This is especially true if you pursue a Middle Level Minor in Mathematics or Science because these areas are in high demand.

Another reason to pursue a Middle Level Minor is that some states (including Wisconsin) require a PK - grade 6 or a grade 1 - grade 8 license.

Middle Level Minors make it possible for a teaching candidate to be licensed to teach in grades 5-8 in the following areas: