Education Village History

Winona State University holds the honor of preparing teachers for over 150 years. Founded as an institution dedicated to education, WSU became the first Normal School for teacher training west of the Mississippi. The Education Village (under construction) will become the home for the WSU College of Education. Honoring and building upon the historical commitment, proud traditions, and dedication to quality teaching provides a solid future. We believe in the nobility of teaching and the impact our teachers have on children, families, communities and global societies.

WSU professional teacher education programs are open to the best and brightest students from all backgrounds with a passion for inspiring learning. Early childhood, elementary and secondary education make up the professional education unit approved by the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) across four colleges. Education majors are respected and valued by each of these colleges. Together we prepare teachers for 21st Century schools by requiring early and continuous clinical experiences where pre-service teachers grow through progressive responsibility.

The preparation of teachers, counselors, administrators, and leaders at WSU is an interdisciplinary approach which gives diverse learners a solid background in their subject matter and prepares them to be effective and influential educators in public, private, and organizational education in Southeast Minnesota and the world. The WSU faculty, staff, and graduates are committed to public service and working collaboratively with our community partners to enrich, inform, and promote quality education for all children.

Our graduates hold the “WSU Guarantee” of being extraordinary teachers. We take this charge seriously by admitting the best and the brightest prospective teachers. Ongoing academic mentoring and monitoring helps our students succeed and our academic programs continually improve. WSU College of Education students are scholars, servant leaders, and dedicated to the profession of teaching. The hallmark of a WSU COE graduate is a caring, compassionate educator who can transform the lives of their students using data enhanced instruction and technology infused learning. We expect our WSU graduates to become the change agents in the teaching profession.

We welcome you and your children to join us as we strive to improve, innovate, and honor education by anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s learners. Belong to one of the most influential professions throughout history.

Our goal as WSU educators is to inspire a love of learning and critical thinking in future generations. You can be a part of this vision!