Center for Collaboration, Partnerships and Professional Development (C2P2)

C2P2 advances innovative growth and positive outcomes in PK-12 schools through the development and implementation of primary and secondary student programs, professional development of area educators, and creation of collaborative, research-based initiatives with university and community partners.

Goals of C2P2

  • Facilitates communication between WSU College of Education and B-12 education systems to develop collaborative opportunities for the sake of benefitting all educational stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with school districts to provide B-12 students with expanded educational programming.
  • Offer professional development opportunities to WSU graduates and other area educators to promote high-quality education and student success.
  • Connect College of Education administrative faculty and staff expertise with educational partners and constituency groups to problem-solve and/or support education initiatives.
  • Explore grant funding and conduct research on education initiatives that innovate pedagogy, curriculum and learning.