Administrative Education Centers

Though called centers, these groups are a way for WSU faculty and staff involved in Teach21 programs to communicate with community and school partners as well as administrate policies and procedures for teacher candidates in their field placement settings and hands-on clinical experience.

Center for Collaboration, Partnerships & Professional Development

The Center for Collaboration, Partnerships & Professional Development was established to facilitate communication between WSU College of Education and B-12 education systems to develop collaborative opportunities that benefit all educational stakeholders.

Center for Clinical Practice

The Center for Clinical Practice serves as a communication vehicle for Teach21 Unit faculty and staff to maintain partnerships established for clinical experiences and student teaching. This will include instituting policies, practices, procedures and requirements related to placements and supervision of placements. 

The center director, faculty and staff will also review any written agreements between the community and the University or the school and the University related to placement of teacher candidates and duties of teachers on special assignment or exchange of services.   

Center for Assessment & Accreditation

The Center for Assessment & Accreditation will have responsibility for ongoing unit assessment, data required for NCATE/CAEP accreditation and Minnesota Board of Teaching program approval. The faculty and staff in this Center meet semimonthly. The Assessment faculty assigned to this Center communicate information to their respective departments. 

Center for Teacher Success

The Center for Teacher Success provides on-going collaborative leadership and expert knowledge for faculty and staff in departments in regard to policies, practices and procedures for recruitment, advising, admission, and licensure of teacher candidates and other current school professionals.