The Village in Action

The Village will serve students and faculty in our College of Education departments and in content-area programs such as STEM, communications, health, art, music, social studies, language, international education, physical education, etc. Lab spaces will be designed with observation areas and accommodations for university students and faculty to interact with Pk-12 students and their teachers. There will be specialized areas designed for assistive/adaptive learning.

As communities change throughout Minnesota, future teachers will require more intentional preparation, support and inspiration. Village facilities will be equipped with modern technologies, resources and equipment necessary for the preparation of tomorrow’s teachers, counselors, coaches, and educational leaders.

Village Graduates Will Benefit from:


Immerse them in daily learning and performance as team members meeting the diverse needs of individual students and communities and working to counteract disparities in the educational system.

Field Placements

Arrange field placements from their first year with progressively more challenging placements each term.


Assign master Pk-12 teachers as mentors to each student early in the student's program.

Hands-on Work

Focus senior year around field placements and hands-on work with pupils and teachers.


Support graduates for their first three years of teaching.