Leadership Education at Winona State

We are a department stirring the foundations of our society’s social organizations to better serve their audiences.

With a phenomenal array of students we are able to delve into the current and past activities of schools, athletic departments, non-profits and higher education to better understand their nature and prepare future leaders to make significant differences in their activities.

Leadership Education Mission Statement:

To prepare professional leaders to serve organizations and schools in building community, improving organizational outcomes and generating new knowledge for the profession.

Core Values:

  • Teaching and learning is a shared responsibility between faculty and students
  • Enhancing student learning through innovative instructional methods
  • Encouraging students to become life-long learners
  • Valuing students and being committed to student-centered learning Preparing leaders who value integrity, transparency, and relationships

Program Features

  • Evening classes
  • Rochester and Winona campuses
  • Progressive online, hybrid and face-to-face learning environments
  • Hands-on learning experiences