Innovative Instructional Leadership students in the courtyard at WSU.

Innovative Instructional Leadership

Good teachers have a sense of instructional creativity and a keen awareness of student learning.  The intent of the Innovative Instructional Leadership Certificate is to provide current K-12 teachers with an opportunity to learn about various instructional approaches and to experiment with these approaches in their classroom.  Digital technology has stimulated much of today’s world and this medium and its many accessories and tools are used as the theme in all of the courses.  The courses of this certificate qualify as electives in the Education Leadership Master’s Degree.

Certificate Objectives

  • To understand how digital technology can enhance traditional instructional models and how the two models can be blended in a variety of ways.
  • To understand how to connect learners to global resources using Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s) and to maintain their learning products in an ePortfolio.
  • To understand personal motivations for learning and the elements of self-directed learning which will help facilitate an attitude for individual growth and change, for both teacher and student.
  • To understand how student-centered pedagogies can be used to prepare students for non-school experiences and audiences.
  • To understand how, as faculty, to bring new instructional ideas to one’s school, share them with colleagues, and garner support in order to lead school reform efforts.
  • To provide hands-on-experiences in using digital technology as a means for instructional improvement.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

The U.S. Department of Education requires colleges and universities that have any financial aid eligible programs that "prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation" to disclose certain information, such as program costs; occupations that the program prepares students to enter; occupational profiles; and the number of students who have completed the program. A Gainful Employment Disclosure for the Innovative Instructional Leadership program is provided.

This 15-credit Certificate requires five courses, which are designed to be taken in sequential order.  Each course is predominately online and supplemented with two (2) face to face class sessions.

EL 651  Blended Learning Environments (3 credits)
EL 656  Connected Educator, Connected Classroom (3 credits)
EL 657  Mindset, Motivation, and Self-Directed Learning (3 credits)
EL 658  Real World Learning Design  (3 credits)                       
EL 659  Innovative Instructional Leadership  (3 credits) 

A detailed description of the courses and additional information about the Innovative Instructional Leadership program can be found in the course catalog.