WSU Professional Studies graduate student studing leadership.

Professional Leadership

The Professional Leadership emphasis is for future leaders in non-profit organizations, higher education and public agencies that prefer to create their own course-pathway to the Masters of Science degree. Both the directed candidate and the undecided candidate have the opportunity to explore options and create specific experiences related to their needs and interests. Candidates will have a better understanding of how organizations work and the tools that leaders use to guide groups of people to accomplish their goals. This emphasis permits the student, in cooperation with their academic advisor, to select courses and experiences which they believe best prepare them for foreseeable leadership roles.

The Professional Leadership program consists of 33 credits in a combination of core Leadership Education courses, courses specific to the Professional Leadership emphasis and elective courses. A capstone writing project and a comprehensive examination are also required for a Master’s in Leadership Education. 

Leadership Education Core Courses (15 S.H.)

LDRS 612 - Systems Thinking (3 S.H.)
LDRS 614 - Change Leadership (3 S.H.)
LDRS 615 - Communication (3 S.H.)
LDRS 618 - Scholarship (3 S.H.)
LDRS 619 - Leadership Capstone Experience ( 3 S.H.)

A detailed description of the courses and additional information about the Professional Leadership emphasis can be found in the course catalog.