Student Experiences

At English Language Programs we are proud to highlight success stories and testimonials from our former students. See what they have said about the benefits of our program below. 

Quality Education

“The ELP helped me fully develop my English skills, and it prepared me for the academic challenges of college. I felt like I could do so much more, and I found more ways to express myself and excel in any assignments. I thank the ELP and each professor that I took classes with while I was there every day because without them, I surely would have struggled my way into college.”

Andrea - Venezuela  


Caring Instructors

“Learning at the ELP was an unforgettable experience. Every teacher has a warm heart and is very patient. Whenever I have questions, they are always there to help me and encourage me. Please join our big family! It is a really good experience for everyone!”

Jessica - China  

Cultural Immersion

“The ELP helped me understand American culture. I gained a lot of knowledge about daily life and the American mindset that I never knew from previous class. The ELP is a big family, and we’re still connected to each other even after the program.”

Sydney - Thailand  

College Readiness

“English Language Programs was a great place to begin my college journey. I must say I had a wonderful time at the ELP. I was blessed with the best instructors who wanted nothing but to bring out the best in their students. Becoming a freshman in college is one of the biggest transitions a young adult will make, but the ELP got me ready for college. The ELP classes helped me improve my writing and grammar, and taught me to learn from my mistakes.”

Janice - Nigeria  

Safe Location

“I love studying at Winona State University’s ELP. It is located in a beautiful town of Winona, right next to Mississippi River. Winona is a college town with three colleges, but only 30,000 people. It is a quiet place for study, has fewer distractions than most college towns, and is a safe place to live.

Linda - China  

Academic English

I highly recommend the ELP program because you can learn what's the difference between your home country's ESL classes and American classes. I wouldn't have gotten through my freshmen year well if I didn't take the ELP program. Also, the beauty of ELP program is that you have the opportunity to build stronger English skills in both speaking and writing.

Hoomiae - South Korea