WSU COVID-19 Dashboard

The WSU COVID-19 Dashboard helps us track and analyze the impact of COVID-19 on the overall health of our campus community.

WSU was on semester break Dec. 14-Jan. 8. We anticipate the decreased student population will be reflected in our campus reporting trends for Spring 2021.

Spring 2021 data begins on Jan. 4, 2021. See past data on the Fall 2020 COVID-19 Dashboard.

It is updated weekly, and pulls data from a variety of sources for a comprehensive understanding of our current situation.

WSU’s dashboard is updated weekly on Wednesdays by end of day with data from the preceding Monday-Sunday reporting period that has been verified by Minnesota Department of Health, and deduplicated to provide accurate representation.

Minnesota State system also has a COVID-19 Dashboard for all colleges and universities that is independently updated each week.


  • Only WSU students are represented in this data. It does not include WSU faculty or staff.
  • Some individuals testing positive may not have been physically present on the WSU campuses in Winona or Rochester
  • There may be other cases that we have not been informed of
  • These numbers are based on available information from multiple sources and are subject to change
  • WSU has a quarantine and isolation protocol in place. We are closely tracking all reports and are working with those who may have been in contact with individuals reporting positive cases.

Please complete the COVID-19 Self Report if you receive a positive test result to help us keep our community safe.

We are counting on all Warriors to take 5 actions every day: take the daily self-assessment, physically distance, wear a mask, wash hands and surfaces, check in with friends and family.

What Does the Data Mean?

The number of reported cases and number of individuals in quarantine or isolation are two factors among several that impact our campus safety level.

The number of students in isolation and quarantine are the best indication of the impact that COVID-19 is having on our campus. This is because students in quarantine and isolation need to limit their activities and interactions for a period of time whether or not they receive a positive test result

These are students who are not attending their in-person classes, not going in for their work shifts and not being present in on-campus facilities. These are students who need attention and care while they take the necessary steps to slow the spread on our campus.

By focusing on positive cases only, we overlook the majority of students who have been impacted by COVID-19.


Learn more about campus safety levels and Winona State's COVID-19 Response.

Current Safety Level: Orange

We are continuing the safety measures of wearing masks, completing a daily screening, physical distancing and limiting the people on campus.

In addition, orange status triggers the decision to possibly begin:

  • Suspending additional in-person activities
  • Shifting to remote-only operations
  • Cancelling all extracurricular activities
  • Scaling back in-person student support services
  • Cancelling specific class sections or campus events
  • Taking additional actions as recommended by MDH guidance

Count on Me

We’re counting on every Warrior to fight for the best college experience possible this fall by doing their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our campus community.

Every Warrior, Every Day: 5 Daily Actions

  1. Mask Up
  2. Back Up
  3. Wash Up
  4. Check Up
  5. Check In

Step up and show everyone at WSU that they can count on you.