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The Faculty & Staff Bulletin publishes information bi-weekly on topics such as:

  • academic deadlines
  • technology updates
  • insurance and benefit information

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Take a look. The Faculty & Staff eHome curtain is different than the main WSU homepage curtain. The employee eHome curtain links to frequently used sites and resources.

Custom links to your favorite sites:

Your eHome can display up to six links of your choosing.

  • banking site (Affinity Credit Union)
  • personal email (Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail)
  • professional publications (Chronicle of Higher Ed)
  • news sites (CNN, New York Times, Winona Daily News)
  • social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • hobbies and shopping (AllRecipies.com, Amazon.com)

Custom RSS feed:

RSS keeps you up to date by publishing feeds on your eHome whenever your favorite site or blog publishes new information.

  • Top stories and posts from your favorite site (CNN)
  • popular videos from your favorite video streaming site (Youtube, Hulu)
  • Warrior Athletics game updates

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Never step out without your umbrella. View the current local temperature and weather forecast on your eHome.

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