WSU student Painting Habitat for Humanity Home

Our Mission In Action

WSU students have been putting their learning to good use by offering assistance to multiple areas of the community, connecting student learning to community service.

University Theme

Each year, WSU chooses a university-wide theme which serves as a focal point for engagement efforts such as class projects, lectures, community workshops that involve students, faculty and members of the Winona community.

Soil Fertility Management and Sustainable Farming Systems

This project examined the physical and chemical properties of soil at Earth-Be-Glad-Farm, a certified organic farm in Lewiston, MN.  Pasture and crop land in different stages of rotation was tested.

Food as Empowerment

Students planned and participated in 2 projects connecting them with the local food coop, survivors of domestic violence who also faced food insecurity issues, and kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester.

Navajo Oral History Project

Working together, students at WSU and Diné College have put together a series of oral History projects for elders of the Navajo Nation.

Learning by Doing - New Agroecology curriculum at WSU

Working on a plot at the Wapasha Community Garden, students worked with earthworms, built a hoop house, and prepared the soil for spring planting.

Stopping Gender Violence in our Society

A new course, entitled “Gender, Violence and Society,” was developed in partnership with the Women’s and Gender Studies (WAGS) program at WSU, the Child Advocacy Studies Program (CAST) at Winona State and the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) of Winona.

College Connection Project – WSU and the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester

Working closely with Boys & Girls Club staff, a service-learning course was designed for students to investigate the connections between poverty and success in public education.

Our Drinking Fountains, Our Water

The University Theme for 2008-009 provided for a year-long study and celebration of water, including our relationship with and responsibility for this most valuable resource.

Strengthening a Rural Economy through Art and Cultural Development

Over several semesters, students worked to have a large metal sculpture of a trout designed, commissioned and installed as a way to strengthen Preston, MN’s Trout Days and further brand Preston as the Trout Capitol of Minnesota.

Sustainable Foods Partnership

WSU and community members from local farms, co-ops and policy groups worked closely together throughout the year to offer programming and academic engagement around issues of sustainable foods and food security.

Election Judges – Students Participating in Democracy

In November, 2008, 75 WSU students from Social Work and Political Science classes, worked at the polls as election judges.

Service Around the World

Students learn first-hand the meaning of our school motto as they travel the world and help out along the way.