University Theme Application and Support

Theme Support

The Learning and Community Engagement (LaCE) Committee will support the theme by fostering curricular connections to the theme. These connections will include:
  • Faculty development workshops
  • Curriculum grants
  • Outside speakers
  • General promotion of the theme

Theme Application

Faculty and staff are invited to submit applications for the theme. A formal announcement will be sent out each fall semester. Each application should identify the theme idea and discuss how the theme will be relevant to a broad swath of the university. Specifically, the application narrative must include:
  • Description of theme idea
  • Why this theme is relevant to students at WSU
  • How the proposed theme connects with previous year themes
  • Theme-year goals
  • Lead faculty and staff members
  • Prospective community partners
  • Supportive efforts/initiatives/programs on campus
Send completed application, including primary contact person to the LaCE Faculty Liaison, Joan Francioni,

Theme General Timeline

February: Applications due
March: LaCE Committee presentations
Spring Break: Final decisions made

Note: The applications will be reviewed by the Learning and Community Engagement All-University committee, taking into account feedback from the Lyceum and Common Book Committees.