Final Design

The final design includes many features that simplify the user experience. There are two types of handles that are standard on the (sub-zero)^3 cooler. The first type is molded in rigid handles on both sides of the cooler for ease of carrying. The second type includes 3/4 inch rope that is attached on each side of the cooler for a more adjustable handle to accommodate differences in users arm length.

The lid of the cooler features a temperature gauge to inform the user of the inside temperature to protect perishables. A recessed portion on the lid helps keep items placed on top from sliding off. Also on the lid there is four cup holders molded into the lid. The lid is secured on the body by two anti-corrosive hinges. The lid is secured on the body by two stainless steel latches that make an air tight seal onto the gasket and body. This system ensures temperature flow through the interface of the lid and body, providing users with maximum ice retention.

The body of the cooler is made by two shells, one inner and one outer, that are ultrasonically welded together. There is three inches of super insulation providing users with maximun ice retention. This combination of materials allows the (sub-zero)^3 to be very strong and durable for any adventure. The outside surface of the body and lid are coated with a reflective coating that blocks 99% of UV rays. This coating will allow users to keep their cooler in direct sunlight with no compromise in ice retention. When users need to replace their ice a convenient drain that allows easy drainage with no tipping or removing the contents to drain the water. In order to keep water sensative contents in the cooler dry a basket inside enables users to seperate perishables they wish to keep dry. The basket is removable and positionable inside the cooler to accommodate all the users needs. Please refer to the design drawings for each of the parts.



20% glass filled polypropylene

Closed cell polyurethane foam

2” Zinc non-removable pin hinge

2.56x1.63x.80 Stainless steel lockable latch

¾” polypropylene Rope

Adhesive-backed seals EPDM rubber, D channel gasket



Dimension Drawings:

Outer Shell Drawing

Inner Shell Drawing

Lid Outer Drawing

Lid Inner Drawing

Lid Handle Drawing

Basket Drawing

Assembly Drawing