There were 4 tested performed to test different aspects of the cooler. First, samples were tested using a UV reflective coating to determine temperature differences, this is explained in the UV testing section below. The last three test were testing the mechanical properties of the cooler. The handle strength was tested along with impact or drop test. The last test included a compression test of the whole cooler which is described below in the compression section.

UV Additive Test

Compression Test
            Compression testing was done on the whole cooler.  The cooler was supported on the bottom using two I-beams.  The load was evenly applied to the lid of the cooler using an I-beam spanning the length of the lid with a load applied to the center of the I-beam.  The cooler took a compression load of 3500 pounds.

Handle Strength Test
            To test the strength of the handles the cooler was hung on an overhead crane by the rope handles.  With the cooler suspended off the ground, weights were then added in increments of 50 pounds until the require weight of 200 pounds was achieved. 


Weighted Drop Test
            For the weighted drop test the cooler was dropped with 25 pounds of weight inside the cooler.  The first drop was done at 5 feet.  After the first drop the hinges and latches were slightly shifted, but there was no structural damage. The second drop was at 10 feet.  At 10 feet the cooler had extensive structural damage and there was no need to increase the height.