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ARTEMIS: The Archery-Related Tree-Elevation Mechanism for Improved Success

Produced at Winona State University, College of Science and Engineering. Design Project I/II (CME 475/480)

What is ARTEMIS?

ARTEMIS is a composite, self-climbing, all-weather hunting treestand. Made from epoxy and carbon fiber, it possesses stiffness and durability comparable with its aluminum counterparts while exhibiting a much lower weight.

When will production begin?

Prototype production has begun! The first prototype was tested to failure at 568 lb, short of the 600 lb requirement. Since then, we've redesigned the honeycomb-honeycomb interface with film adhesive, increasing their bond strength and eliminating that cause of failure. We've also increased the resin content of the face sheets to achieve better adhesion at a negligible increase in weight.

I have questions!

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