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ARTEMIS: The Archery-Related Tree-Elevation Mechanism for Improved Success

Produced at Winona State University, College of Science and Engineering. Design Project I/II (CME 475/480)


Structural Concerns

All treestands manufactured and sold need to meet or exceed TMA Standards for treestands. These standards include requirements for stiffness, load capacity (600lb.), repetitive loading (600 lb., 5000x), and static stability and adherence.

Environmental Concerns

As an all-weather treestand, ARTEMIS is able to endure extensive water and UV light exposure without appreciable degradation in strength or rigidity. By incorporating a rigid aliphatic ether or caprolactone based polyurethane, we maintain good degradation resistance while eliminating an unsightly yellowing effect of exposure.


Physical Concerns

A good treestand needs to be lightweight, portable, and collapsible. Utilizing lightweight sandwich panel construction for both the seat and the footstand, ARTEMIS weighs in at under 15 lb, 25 - 40% less than a typical aluminum treestand. We aim to reduce the weight after experimentally determining the stiffness and strength of the materials. Furthermore, ARTEMIS tightly packs against itself, with both support bars holding seat and footstand together for transportation.

Human Engineering

No hunting enthusiast wants to track out into the woods, clanking and scaring off every animal within a five mile radius. Because of the ease of transportation and assembly, ARTEMIS helps eliminate excess noise during transportation and assembly. Once in the field, ARTEMIS keeps you comfortable with a wide base and wide seat, adding an improved feeling of balance and safety to its comfortability.


Design Concern: Design concerns are quantifiable factors inherent in the functionality and desirability of the product. They are used as metrics to measure the success

Requirement : Requirements are values the design must meet in order to be considered and produced. If the requirement is not met, the design must be scrapped, or at very least reworked.

Goal : Goals are values we strive to exceed. The more a design exceeds the goal, the better the design performs and the more marketable the design becomes.

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