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Initial Design Ideas


Design 1

-Weight: 14.4 lbs

-Volume: 1.12 ft^3

-Cost: $274.14

Design 2

-Weight: 20.4 lbs

-Volume: 2.00 ft^3

-Cost: $306.70

Design 3

-Weight: 23.4 lbs

-Volume: 1.46 ft^3

-Cost: $433.00

This decision matrix provided us with weighted scores to analyze our design concerns more effectively. From the survey sent out the Ease of Access, which was weighted a 5, and the Affordable Cost, which was weighted a 4, were the two most important features that our cooler should contain. In both of these categories cooler design 1 scored the best. Design 1 also scored the best in the Insulation category and the Lightweight category. The location of the handles in the Ergonomics category would be an easy fix for cooler 1. Cooler design 1 was chosen to be built since it was the overall best.




Last Updated: 4/22/15