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3-Point Bend Test

      A 3-Point Bend Test was conducted on 5 different specimens. One specimen was a control sample, one was exposed to water for 24 hours, one was exposed to UV for 24 hours, one was heated in an oven for half an hour at 89.6°F, and one was exposed to cold for an hour at 15.3°F. The requirement of the flexural test was to keep 90% of the original strength. The specimen exposed to UV for 24 hours and the specimen that was  heated in the oven for half an hour both failed that requirement.

Force to Open the Lid

A fish scale was used to measure the force needed to open the lid. The force measured was 1 pound.

Time to Reach Toom Temperature From 50°F

The inner temperature of the cooler started at 50°F. The time was measured for how long it took it to reach 65°F. This took about 80 minutes.

Impact Test

A set of stairs was used to conduct the impact test and a weight of 12 pounds was placed inside the inner cooler. Initially the cooler was tumbled down 10 stairs at 7 inches in height per stair. It was dropped from this initial spot 3 times. There was no evidence of damage so the height was increased to 13 stairs. It was dropped from this spot 3 additional times. After this set of drops, there was delamination at the corners and a screw from the latch had come out.



Last Updated: 4/22/15