Design table

We will highlight one key design concern from each of our six categories.

Physical: The key feature for the physical category is that there needs to be tight dimensional tolerance for the ball mount to fit into the reciever of the hitch. Slight variations in our dimensions could mean that our part either is too large to fit or is too loose and provides an unsafe connection.

Structural: The key structural design concern is that the ball mount has to be able to withstand a certain load applied to the tongue of the mount. This is the same area where the ball will be. We think that if this criteria is met then most of the other design requirements will be met, however we know that they need to be designed and tested for.

Environmental: The key environmental concern is degradation in high moisture environments. This is one of the biggest problems with current designs and is one we have set out to investigate more fully.

Human Engineering: The major concern here is the ease of installation of the ball mount vs. a competitor.

Life Cycle: For life cycle the main concern is repeated loading in tension and compression. These mimic the loads experienced when accelerating and decelerating.

Cost: For obvious reasons we are trying to minimize the cost in order to make the most profit, while maintaining quality and consistence.

Design Concern: A factor that can be measured and is used to evaluate different designs. More specifically, design concerns are metrics that help determine the potential success and desirablitlity of a product.

Requirement: A necessary value or task instumental to the primary function of the product. The design MUST meet or exceed this value in order to be considered.

Goal: An optimal or desired value that is not instrumental to the function of the product, but will benefit the user of the product.

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