Sir Hauls-A-Lot offers its customers products designed to make the hard work easier than it has ever been. From design to fabrication, our skilled personnel are tirelessly working towards a product we are proud to present to you.

The flagship of our operation, the Pivotbarrow, is revolutionizing wheelbarrows. The Pivotbarrow improves upon traditional wheelbarrows by adding a third wheel in the back that can pivot. The back pivot wheel allows the wheelbarrow to be maneuvered without having to lift on the handles. This greatly reduces the strain on the operator when hauling heavy loads. Additionally, the bucket of the wheelbarrow is detachable, which allows the bucket to be easily replaced if it is broken. With a handle grip height of 27 inches, this wheelbarrow can be easily maneuvered by people of a varying range of heights.

Sir Hauls-A-Lot: Pride in Service, Quality in Product.