Elizabeth Zold

Elizabeth Zold grew up in Crandon, Wisconsin and received a bachelor’s degree in English Education from UW-Stevens Point. She taught English at Wausau West high school for a couple of years before heading to graduate school. She attended Illinois State University, where she received her M.A. and Ph.D.

Her research focuses on eighteenth-century travel narratives and women’s life writing, and she has published on children’s adaptations of Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe as well as how high school textbooks represent eighteenth-century literature. Elizabeth’s teaching and research often intersect, and she has an article appearing in the journal Pedagogy on the use of Second Life, an online virtual platform, to help teach eighteenth-century travel literature. She is also the Director of School of Graduate Studies in English. 

In her down time from academic pursuits, Elizabeth enjoys running, indulging in cult movies and reading.