Coordinating Gen Eds with an English Major or Minor

As part of program planning, students are encouraged to coordinate the requirements for the General Education Program with the requirements and electives for their English major or minor. All General Education English courses at the 200-level can be used to fulfill the General Education requirements and fulfill requirements or electives for the major or minor (consult the curriculum requirements for individual majors or minors to coordinate selection of courses). Also, note that courses that English courses that fulfill Goals 7 and 8 can be used to also fulfill Goal 6.

Goal 1: Communication
ENG111 College Reading & Writing
ENG112 Research Writing

Goal 6: Humanities & Fine Arts
ENG120 Introduction to Literature
FILM140 Approaches to Film
FILM240 Film Genres
ENG220 Multicultural American Literature
ENG221 Topics in World Literature

Goal 6: Humanities & Fine Arts– Fine Arts
ENG222 Introduction to Creative Writing

Goal 7: Human Diversity
ENG220 Multicultural American Literature

Goal 8: Global Perspectives
ENG221 Topics in World Literature

Goal 9: Ethical & Civic Responsibility
ENG211 Writing in Communities