Fulfilling ENG 111 Writing Requirement/AP Tests

General Education Writing Requirement

In order to complete the WSU ENG 111 [GE Basic Skills] requirement, students must comply with the following:

ENG 111: This is a four-credit writing course that all WSU students must complete as part of the General Education Program.  Multiple sections of this course are scheduled each semester.  Students should take this course during their first year as a WSU student.

ENG 112: This is a one-credit research writing course that is designed for the following students:
Students who have had a three-credit writing course transferred from another institution. Whether a course qualifies for transfer is determined by the Admissions Office.
Students who have scored a 4 or higher on the AP Language and Composition Exam. Results of the AP exam must be sent to the Admissions Office to receive 3 credits towards fulfilling the ENG 111 requirement and to be eligible to enroll in ENG 112.

Students can check their DARS to see if they are eligible to take this course or can consult the Admission Office to verify the transfer of any writing course they have taken at another institution.

Transferred Course equivalent to ENG111:  Students who transfer a writing course (or courses) that is comparable to ENG 111 and has been approved as an equivalent course do not have to take ENG 111 at WSU (the student’s DARS must indicate that the requirement has been met through a transferred course).   

Taking the CLEP Exam

  • Students wishing to test out of English 111 through the CLEP exam must first undertake and pass the CLEP College Composition exam. The CLEP College Composition exam is a 120-minute exam including 50 minutes of multiple choice and 70 minutes of essay writing. Other CLEP exams, including the College Composition Modular exam, are not accepted by WSU.
  • More information about the exam, along with a list of test sites, is available at the college board website.
  • Students must have test scores sent to the WSU admissions office to receive credit for ENG111.

Transferring AP Courses

Students who have completed AP courses should have scores from the AP tests to receive WSU credit.  The following applies to the transfer of AP courses:


  • Students receive WSU credits for AP courses only if the student takes the exam and has the score sent to the WSU Admissions Office.
  • AP Language and Composition:
    • Students who score a 3 on the AP exam receive 3 General Elective credits.
    • Students who score a 4 or higher on the AP exam receive 3 credits towards the ENG 111 requirement (these students must take ENG 112).
  • AP Language and Literature:
    • Students who score a 3 on the AP exam receive 3 General Elective credits.
    • Students who score a 4 or higher on the AP exam receive 3 credits of General Education—Humanities (Goal 6) credits.