Program Goals

MA English: Literature and Language Program and MS English

  • Graduate students in the MA English: Literature and Language Program and the MS English program have experience with various aspects of literary studies and its theory and practice: 
    • Understanding of issues related to canon and its evolving nature; experience reading canonical and non-canonical works.
    • Understanding of elements and implications of genre theory; ability to apply genre theory to literary analysis.
    • Understanding of various critical approaches; ability to apply critical theory to literary analysis.
    • Recognition of the value, implications and problems associated with periodization and historicization in literary studies.
    • Ability to find, evaluate and integrate secondary sources integral to the study of primary literary works.
    • Specific preparation in theory and practice in teaching literature and writing, preparation for continued graduate work, careers in teaching or other professions that require knowledge of language and/or literature and skills in critical thinking, reading and writing.

MA English: TESOL

  • Graduate students in English: TESOL have experience with various aspects of teaching English as a Second Language:
    • Exposure to theories of second language acquisition and their implications for language teaching.
    • Knowledge of TESOL theories and methods, the history of approaches to teaching ESL and the application of teaching resources.
    • Understanding of the structural features of English and methods for teaching English grammar to non-native speakers.
    • Ability to evaluate TEOSL research findings and to design and conduct research studies.
    • Practical teaching and tutoring experience in implementing TESOL theory and methods.
    • Preparation for continued graduate work or careers in teaching English to speakers of other languages.