Course Substitutions

Course substitutions are made for transfer students when a student takes a comparable English course at another institution, or when a student has a special circumstance that requires substituting one WSU English course for another.

Students who plan to take a course at another institution while they are a student at WSU should consult with the English Department chair prior to registering for the course to obtain prior approval.

To complete a course substitution, make an appointment with the English Department chair to evaluate courses and fill out Course Substitution forms. Students who seek course substitutions should bring a copy of the course syllabi, course description and verification of course completion (transcript) to the chair. After the Course Substitution form is completed, the form will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office, where the substitution will be entered into the student’s DARS.

Independent Studies

Students who are interested in an independent study should consult with a faculty member who is willing to supervise the independent study. The student should approach the faculty member with a clear plan for the study. Independent studies should be pursued in rare cases where a student has a special area of interest not covered in the curriculum and has an adequate background for working independently on the topic.

To register for an independent study, students must bring a proposal (this includes an outline of the topic, a description of what will be produced and a description of grading criteria) for the study, along with a bibliography of pertinent sources.

Arranged Courses

Students may request to take an Arranged Course in rare situations where they are unable to register for a required course in time for graduation. Students who need to take an Arranged Course should see the English Department chair to identify the faculty member to supervise the Arranged Course.


Students are encouraged to pursue internship options.  In most cases, students are responsible for arranging internship sites.  Some options are available through the English Department (consult the department chair) or through the Career Services office.  An on-site supervisor and a departmental faculty member should be identified for supervising the internship.

The student seeking internship credit must complete the Internship Form (available in the English Department Office). The form requires information about the internship site, supervision plan (including the number of hours a week of work), internship responsibilities, and evaluation criteria, along with signatures from the student, the English Department supervisor and the English Department chair.

Students and supervisors should use the following formula in determining the number of credits for the internship:

12 credits 40hrs/week x 15 weeks 600 hours total
9 credits 40hrs/week x 15 weeks 450 hours total
6 credits 40hrs/week x 15 weeks 300 hours total
3 credits 40hrs/week x 15 weeks 150 hours total
2 credits 40hrs/week x 15 weeks 100 hours total
1 credit 40hrs/week x 15 weeks 50 hours total