Become a Writing Center Tutor

Interested in working with undergraduate students one-on-one and helping them with their writing assignments from any field of study? Become a tutor at the Writing Center.

Tutoring at the Writing Center is a great opportunity for anyone who's passionate about writing and teaching.

Undergraduate students can volunteer to tutor in the Writing Center while earning 300-level internship credit that goes toward their degree. (Graduate assistants automatically work at the Writing Center through their assistantship.)

Learn more about what it takes to become a Writing Center tutor.

Complete Required Training

If you're interested in receiving internship credit for tutoring in the Writing Center, the first thing you’ll need to do is enroll in ENG 324 and complete a training program.

This training program will focus on research and theories of the best teaching practices in linguistics, grammar, literacy, psychology, and, of course, education.

After completing this training, you’ll be more than ready to teach writing in a variety of secondary and post-secondary sites and venues, which is a great skillset to have after graduation.

Like our other graduates who worked in the Writing Center, you could find yourself:

  • winning the English Department’s Distinguished Graduation Portfolio in English Award
  • earning scholarships and assistantships in master’s and doctoral programs
  • landing successful careers in teaching and writing


Get Ready to Work

As a Writing Center tutor, you’ll have the chance to balance multiple responsibilities while working with students on their assignments.

This will allow you to strengthen your organizational and time-management skills in addition to your instructional and writing skills.

In any given week, you may be expected to:

  • read scholarly articles and training materials on Writing Center theory and practice
  • write responses to readings
  • read follow-up posts and announcements
  • complete grammar and usage exercises
  • respond to samples of student writing
  • observe tutorial sessions compose
  • submit papers on tutoring issues


If you have any questions about becoming a tutor for the Writing Center, call the center directly at 507.457.5505.

Or feel free to email Dr. Liberty Kohn, Director of the Writing Center, at