Tutor Training & Prospective Tutors

The Writing Center provides a theory-based, pedagogically-sound and self-reflective program of training for all its tutors. Unlike the subject-matter tutoring common to academic assistance centers or the study-skills methods common to learning centers, writing center practice draws on a wide body of classical thought and contemporary research. Writing center tutors depend primarily on research and scholarship in the field of composition and rhetoric for theories and practices.  However, the work that informs learning to tutor student writers draws on other fields as well: linguistics, grammar, literacy, psychology and education.

Completing the training for WSU's Writing Center will provide excellent preparation for secondary and post-secondary teaching of writing in a variety of sites and venues. "Graduates" of the Writing Center have won (on multiple occasions) the English Department's Distinguished Graduation Portfolio in English award, earned scholarships and assistantships in M.A. and Ph.D. programs and gone on to successful careers in teaching and writing.

Completion of ENG 324: Tutor Writing is required prior to becoming a tutor in the Writing Center. Training activities are a mandatory portion of the training for new Writing Center tutors and of the workload for graduate assistants or undergraduate interns. In any given week, tutors may be expected to read scholarly articles and training materials on writing center theory and practice; write responses to readings; read follow-up posts and announcements; complete grammar and usage exercises; respond to samples of student writing and other scenarios; observe tutorial sessions; and/or compose and submit papers on tutoring issues.