Custodial Services

Custodial Services are performed by General Maintenance Workers (GMW)

Work Order Request

If you would like to request these services, please submit a Work Order Request.


  • Maintaining a clean and safe environment
  • Routine daily cleaning of buildings (rooms/bathrooms/hallways)
  • Recycling and trash collection
  • Residence hall room setup
  • Opening and closing of academic buildings entrances
  • Setup and teardown for special events


Mark Feldick
Academic GMW Supervisor (AM)  507.457.5322
Chris Mulyck  Academic GMW Supervisor (PM)  507.457.2488
Nathan Burmeister  Residence Hall GMW Supervisor 507.457.2432 

Academic (AM)

Candace Fowler Mark Beerman Karen Ramin
Rocky Rohn Holly Davis Pat Meier
Jon Fitzgerald Amy Mulyck Rhonda Literski
Tanya Viestenz 
Krystal Fenstermaker Andy Corcoran
Melissa Paulson Sandra Parpart Brain Murphy
 Christine Fruechte    

Academic (PM)

Dale Plank
Roger Kamrowski
Brenda Rohn
Whiley Steinfeld
Mark Streater
Walter Mahlke
Megan Kisner Eli Hulsing Ron Bemmert
Patricia Buege
Zach Protic
Steven Johnson
Ashlea Dhein James Hagmann
Marla Dienger
 Holly Jo Nelton    

Residence Halls

Lynn Allen  Lorie Douglas Ray Halvorson
Bonnie Swenson  Blake Dorman Jean Sholes
Darcie Serva   Erica Streater Kris Machutt
Larry Stegemeyer