Motor Pool Regulations and Reservation Process

State-owned vehicles may be used only for official state business. Authorized drivers must comply with M.S.16B.55 and the Department of Finance and Administration policies and procedures regarding use of state vehicles. Drivers are required to observe all ordinances and laws pertaining to the operation of motor vehicles. Before you drive a WSU motor pool vehicle, please familiarize yourself with the regulations. Additionally, please read the guidelines regarding reserving a state vehicle before you completing the Vehicle Request Form.

An authorized driver must be:

  • an approved driver
  • a state employee
  • a contract employee, if authorization to drive a state vehicle is stipulated in the contract
  • a WSU student as long as the student is traveling on official WSU business

  1. Drivers must have a valid U.S. driver's license.
  2. The driver must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Foreign nationals who have a foreign driver's license are not permitted to drive state vehicles.
  4. Insurance regulations mandate that only employees of the university, or other persons having a direct or specific professional purpose for riding, may be passengers in a state vehicle.
  5. State vehicles may not be parked at your home overnight. You may stop at your home to pick up travel items but may not keep the car at your home.

A listing of the vehicles available through the WSU Motor Pool and the official rates for each vehicle, as well as an official mileage table, is also available online.

Reservations for a state vehicle must be made online and are secured on a first come, first reserved basis.

It is the responsibility of the requesting person/department to create, edit, and cancel a reservation. Changes to a reservation should be made via the Motor Pool Reservation Change form.

Driver Approval Form 

Questions regarding driver approval form should be directed to Kim Kostner-Glende at 507.457.5045 or

Vehicle Request Form  -  Vehicle Request User's Guide
Travel Request Form

Regarding the Vehicle Request Form, you must complete the on-line form in its entirety.  When considering departure and return times, be sure to allow yourself enough travel time (allow for weather, traffic, late meetings, etc.).

Note: Due to the very close scheduling of vehicles, a vehicle may not be picked up earlier or returned later than the times you indicate on the vehicle request form.

If more than one individual may be driving the state vehicle on a particular trip, all drivers must be entered on the Vehicle Request Form. If this list changes after you have submitted the form, you must go back and edit the changes to update drivers' names before you take the trip using the Motor Pool Reservation Change form.

The vehicle reservation office reserves the right to change the type of vehicle to an alternate vehicle if circumstances arise that make this change necessary.

If your plans change and you no longer need the motor pool vehicle, return to your original Vehicle Request Form and cancel the reservation online.

You must cancel at least one working day in advance to avoid a charge to your account.

For example:

  1. If you have a vehicle reserved for Monday at 8am, you would need to cancel by the preceding Friday at 8am to avoid a daily rate charge to your account; or

  2. If you have a vehicle reserved for Monday at 8am and the preceding Friday was a holiday, you would need to cancel by the preceding Thursday at 8am to avoid the charge. A holiday does not count as a "working day"; or

  3. If you cancel a reservation that is for more than one day, you will be charged for two days if cancelled less than 24 hours from departure.

The only exceptions would be for mechanical problems with the vehicle (causing it to be "out of service"), unsafe travel conditions caused by weather, or if the vehicle has not been returned on time by the previous driver.

The WSU motor pool parking area is located on the corner of Main and Sarnia. There is a designated area for the motor pool vehicles however, there is not an assigned space for each vehicle. This lot is well lit; however, if you have a safety concern, please contact the Security Office (507.457.5555) if you wish to request an escort.

Drivers using a motor pool vehicle are allowed to park their personal vehicles in this lot while they are using the motor pool vehicle. You may only park one personal vehicle in place of the vehicle you have reserved. A laminated parking pass is in each WSU vehicle. If you are leaving your personal vehicle in the lot, place this pass on the dashboard of your car to avoid a parking ticket. Be sure to return the pass to the motor pool vehicle when you return.

State vehicles may not be parked at your home overnight. You may stop at your home to pick up any travel items that you may need; but you may not keep the car at your home.

Departure and return times are indicated on the "Mileage Log."

Motor pool vehicles may not leave the lot earlier than the time indicated, nor be returned to the lot later than the time indicated, on the Mileage Log. Any WSU motor pool vehicle may be in use 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Do not assume, because it is late at night or during the weekend, that no one else is scheduled to use the vehicle right after you.

Any person/organization/team who returns a motor pool vehicle later than the stated return time, without a justifiable reason (weather, mechanical problems), may be held responsible for the additional expenses they cause the next person scheduled to use that vehicle. Additionally, if it becomes necessary to call in someone from the Facilities Services Office, after normal office hours, to arrange for another vehicle in the event the scheduled vehicle is not there, the account on the vehicle request form will be charged for two hours of overtime pay at time and a half. This is in accordance with the contractual obligation between the State of Minnesota and Council 5.

State vehicles may not be parked at your home overnight.  You may stop at your home to pick up any travel items that you may need; but you may not keep the car at your home.

Keys for Motor Pool Vehicles may be picked up

  • Monday through Friday only during regular office hours, 7am - 4pm
  • The office is closed on state holidays.

The keys may be picked up one work day before departure.

*For weekend travel - reminder - Be sure to pick up keys on Friday 

For liability reasons, vehicle keys will only be issued to individuals listed as driver/s on the reservation.

If it becomes necessary to call in someone from the Facilities Services Office after normal office hours to hand out vehicle keys, the cost center on the Travel Request Form/Vehicle Request Form will be charged for two hours overtime at time and a half. This is in accordance with contractual obligation between the State of Minnesota and Council 5.

You must complete a Mileage Log for each trip you take in a Motor Pool Vehicle.  The form will be given to you when you pick up the keys for the vehicle.  

Review the Mileage Log to ensure all information is accurate.  The driver is responsible to complete the beginning and ending mileage, along with fuel usage.  

When you return from your trip, place the completed signed Mileage Log and with any fuel receipts in the pouch and deposit it in the cylinder located in the Motor Pool Lot.   

The authorized travel area for motor vehicle use includes the states of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Extended trips are defined as travel outside of these areas and requests will automatically be forwarded to Jim Goblirsch for approval.

During times when classes are in session, vehicles will usually not be released for extended trips due to the high demand for motor pool vehicles.

The gas tank must be re-filled before the car is returned to the motor pool vehicle lot. If a driver returns a vehicle with less than 1/2 tank of gas, the account on the vehicle request form will be charged an additional daily rate.

The credit card for each vehicle is located in the Purple Pouch. Return the credit card, along with the receipt(s), to the Purple Pouch.  Original fuel receipt must be returned with the pouch.  No receipt will result in the driver being personally responsible for the cost of fuel.   The fuel Voyager Fleet credit card should be accepted by all service stations. If a problem arises with the Voyager Fleet Credit Card, call the 800 number on the back of the card. The credit card may be used only for authorized purchases for the WSU motor pool vehicle to which the card is issued. Any use of this credit card for other vehicles is illegal.

If you are considering using a WSU 12-passenger van, you must read the guidelines provided and submit the signature page of the document to the Facilities Services main office. Driving a van of this size is considerably different than driving a university car or a regular sized van. Development of a high-occupancy vehicle training program is under way. Once implemented, it will be mandatory for anyone requesting the use of a 12-passenger van to complete the training. Watch for the updates regarding this procedure. 

Car Seats:
Car seats in the mini-vans and full-size vans are not to be removed or re-installed by anyone except Facilities Services employees. This is mandatory. If it is absolutely necessary to have one or more seats removed, you must notify the vehicle reservation office ( at least two working days in advance of the scheduled departure.

Smoking policy:
State law does not allow smoking in any WSU vehicle.

Animal/Pet policy:
Animals are not allowed in any WSU vehicle, with the exception of service animals. If a vehicle must be cleaned because a pet was transported, a charge will be applied to the account indicated on the vehicle request form. If necessary, the vehicle may have to be cleaned professionally, which will be charged to the department/person.

For your convenience, a waste receptacle is located near the key drop box.  Please dispose of all waste accumulated during your trip when you return.  If the next scheduled driver reports trash left in the vehicle, the previous driver's account will be charged an additional daily rate.  
Mechanical Problems:
If you experience mechanical problems on the road you may use the credit card for emergency towing and/or minor repairs.  During University hours please contact Brook Noland, Administrative Assistant, (507.457.2835).  After hours please contact the WSU Security Office (507.457.5555).
Report any suspected mechanical or physical damage problems with the vehicle to Facilities Services Office.  Do not leave a note in the vehicle or on the clipboard.  

If an accident occurs you must fill out an accident report, which is in the red folder in the black clipboard in the vehicle.  During business hours an accident with a motor pool vehicle, no matter how minor, must be immediately reported to Brook Noland in the Facilities Service Office in person or by phone (507.457.5045).  After hours please contact WSU Security at (507.457.5555) to report damage.  Legal proof of vehicle insurance is on the ID card located in the red folder and in the Purple Pouch.  

Lost Keys:
If a Motor Pool Vehicle Pouch is returned without a key, it will be at the expense of the department/person that reserved the vehicle.  Facilities Services will replace the key but the cost of it will be charged to the department/person that reserved the vehicle.    

Cell Phone Use:

The Department of Finance has issued the following statement regarding the use of cell phones while operating a state vehicle:

"State of Minnesota employees are discouraged from using a cellular phone while operating a motor vehicle in the conduct of state business, except for the purpose of obtaining emergency assistance."

Driving a WSU motor pool vehicle is a privilege and, as such, the privilege may be revoked for misuse, disregard of the regulations governing use of the vehicle, or failure to obey traffic laws.