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WSU Contributes Nearly $448M in Economic Impact
WSU has generated $448M in economic impact each year according to a recent Economic Impact Study.

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Family Fun Day
Learn about local youth summer activities at the Family Fun Day Fair on April 6 at the Winona Middle School.

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Building Community Through Learning
Wandering around Somsen Hall on a Friday afternoon, you don’t need to reach the third floor before you smell the ...

WSU Contributes Nearly $448M In Economic Impact
Winona State University generates $447.9 million in economic impact each year, according to a recent study ...

WSU in the News – Alumna Receives Celebrity Help
Winona State University alumna Regan Lonien and her class at Bear Cave Intermediate School in Stewartville, Minn., ...


Alumna Receives Celebrity Help
WSU Alumna Regan Lonien was caught by surprised when a Carrie Underwood retweeted her video message in support of her fundraising efforts.

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