Financial Aid Consortium Agreement

Are you are taking classes at a school other than WSU? Do you need financial aid to help pay for those classes?

Then you will need to complete a financial aid consortium agreement after you register each semester.

What is a Consortium Agreement?

A consortium agreement allows a student to receive financial aid from WSU for coursework taken at another institution. The coursework must apply toward your WSU degree to qualify for Financial Aid. At the end of the semester, all consortium coursework must be transferred to WSU.

A signed and completed consortium agreement form must be submitted to the WSU Financial Aid Office at least one week prior to the end of the term for which you are requesting the consortium.

If your coursework does not apply towards your WSU degree, your consortium agreement will be denied. The Financial Aid Office will notify you by email, and you have the right to appeal the denial decision at that time.

WSU is called your Home School as this is where you will graduate and receive your degree. The other school(s) you attend are called the Visiting School(s). The visiting school does not administer financial aid for the term.

If you intend to enroll entirely at another school while continuing to receive financial aid from WSU, you have unique considerations. Learn more about using a consortium agreement to enroll entirely at another institution below.

How Financial Aid is Paid Out

While you will receive financial aid from WSU, you are responsible for paying the tuition bill at the other school. WSU does not directly pay the other institution you are attending or send financial aid to the other school.

When financial aid is disbursed, it is applied to your WSU student account to pay any WSU bill for the semester. After the WSU bill is paid, extra funds are direct deposited into your bank account. You pay the visiting school with these direct deposited funds.

You can set up your WSU Direct Deposit online through Student eServices.

Please remember to check your WSU email for updates on your consortium agreement application and financial aid. This is the only email used for official communication with you on matters regarding official university business.

How to Complete the Consortium Agreement

Complete the online consortium agreement for each semester after you register at another Minnesota State school.

If you are registering for summer session courses, you must also complete a summer financial aid application.

Complete the student section of the Non-Minnesota State Consortium Agreement form (PDF) after you register for each semester at a school outside of the Minnesota State system (a.k.a. visiting school).

Then, mail or fax the consortium agreement to the Financial Aid Office of the visiting school.

If you are registering for summer session courses, complete a summer financial aid application as well.

In some cases, you could be enrolled entirely at another school with no enrolled WSU credits and still receive financial aid through WSU with a consortium agreement.

Credits must be able to be transferred to WSU after the semester is complete and be applicable toward your degree.

Some common examples are:

  • Study abroad through another school's program
  • Student teaching through another school
  • Criminal Justice skills program at another Minnesota State school
  • You were enrolled full-time at WSU spring semester and are enrolled full-time at WSU for the upcoming fall semester. Now, you will take a few credits at another school during the summer.

If you are in any of these programs, be sure that you do not graduate from WSU before the consortium agreement semester is over. Once you graduate, you are no longer a degree-seeking WSU student and you cannot get any financial aid.

If you are not enrolled in one of these programs but plan to take all of you credits at another Minnesota State school, the consortium agreement might not be right for you.

Before submitting a consortium agreement to WSU, check with the WSU Financial Aid Office.

Students attending a Minnesota State institution should use the Minnesota State Consortium Agreement form.

Students who are not attending a Minnesota State Institution should use the Non-Minnesota State Consortium Agreement form (PDF).

If you are registering for summer session courses, complete a summer financial aid application as well.