Future Students

Welcome to the Winona State University Financial Aid Office's website. The Future Students website is set up to provide basic financial aid information here at Winona State. The Financial Aid Office considers you to be a future student until the point you have been academically accepted to Winona State University and have received an Official Financial Aid Award Letter. Once you receive your Official Financial Aid Award Letter, the Financial Aid Office considers you to be a current student.

Below is a YouTube video on an overview of the financial aid process.

The Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) is the application for all federal and state financial aid. This application will need to be completed for every school year you plan you use financial aid. It is recommended that you wait two weeks after you submit your 2015 Federal Tax Return to the IRS before you complete the FAFSA. This way you can use the IRS data retrieval system to input your financial information onto the FAFSA. You do not need to complete your FAFSA in January for Winona State, however if you complete the application after May 15 we will consider you to be a late filer. It takes an average of 23 minutes to complete the FAFSA.

If you would like a financial aid award estimate you can check out the Financial Aid Estimator.

The Financial Aid Office again welcomes you, and should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.