Summer Financial Aid

The Summer Financial Aid Application

In order to participate in student aid programs, the student must be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program for the purpose of obtaining a degree from Winona State University. Application for summer financial aid consists of a WSU Summer Financial Aid Application, a complete 2017-2018 FAFSA and any other required supporting documents. Complete this application prior to May 1 for timely processing of your summer award.

*Reminder: Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress must be met after spring semester for financial aid to disburse for summer.

Summer Financial Aid Disbursement Date is May 18, 2018.

Registration Requirements for Financial Aid Disbursement

Your summer financial aid award is based on the number of credits that you stated you were registering for on your summer financial aid application. New this year, the Financial Aid Office is asking how many credits you are taking during each of the summer enrollment periods. Your financial aid budget will be based on the number of weeks you are enrolled in classes. Your housing, transportation and personal spending budgets will be prorated for the length of time you are in class. You need to be officially enrolled in the number of credits that you reported on your summer application in order to receive a disbursement of student aid based upon those credits.

If your plans for enrollment change, please inform our office so that necessary adjustments can be made. Financial aid applicants are strongly encouraged to meet the registration deadlines so that timely disbursements can be arranged. Federal Direct loan funds can only be held for three days, you must notify the Financial Aid Office if you will be late registering so that your loan funds are not returned and your loan cancelled

You must be at least half time to receive Federal or MN state loans and work study (six credits for undergraduate students and three graduate credits for students admitted to a graduate program).

Financial aid, as it becomes available, is applied to your bill. Once your bill is paid, any aid remaining will be direct deposited to your personal bank account within three business days. If aid is applied to your bill and there is still an amount owed, you need to be prepared to pay that amount.

Taking classes at a different school?

If you will be attending another college this summer semester you will need to complete a consortium agreement.

Complete a Consortium Agreement if you are attending a school within the Minnesota State system.

Complete a Consortium Agreement if you are attending a school that is not part of the Minnesota State system.

Work Study: If you are interested in having work study eligibility added to your summer award, please call the Warrior Hub at 507.457.5090 to set-up an appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor.