WSU Jazz Program

The WSU Jazz Program is part of a comprehensive Department of Music that features a variety of undergraduate degree options for music majors and minors, and numerous performance opportunities for students of all disciplines. WSU’s jazz curriculum includes courses in theory, history, improvisation and performance opportunities in both large and small ensembles – all part of an option in jazz studies for both music majors and non-majors. WSU students connect with the community through numerous performances both on and off campus, including dances, concerts, tours and special events.

B.A. Minor in Music / Jazz Studies (MUJS)

Required Courses (27 S.H.)

  • 001 Concert Attendance (0)
  • 201 Music Theory I (4)
  • 206: Jazz Fundamentals (2)
  • 334: Jazz Piano Class (2)
  • 110: Jazz History (3)
  • 255: Jazz Improvisation I
  • 256: Jazz Improvisation II
  • 355: Jazz Improvisation III
  • 356: Jazz Improvisation IV
  • 239: Jazz Combo (2 semesters) (2)
  • 244: Jazz Ensemble (2 semesters) (2)
  • Applied lessons in primary performance medium (2)
    (Students must enroll in a minimum of 2 consecutive semesters of applied lessons.)

Please visit the WSU Music Department's degree programs webpage for information on all the music degrees offered.

WSU Jazz Faculty

Rich MacDonald John Paulson Ray Dretske
Larry Price Gary Urness Jeff Strom
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