College of Business Engaged Learning Endowment

The world of academia differs greatly from the world of business, making it challenging for students to transition from classroom to career. At Winona State, creating student success depends on connecting theory to practice through real world experiences. WSU’s newly created College of Business Engagement Center sets the stage for successful collaboration and strategic engagement between WSU and our external partners. We now need resources to build unique experiential opportunities for our students and faculty to stay on the leading edge of today’s business world and fully realize our vision.

Why Give?


Student Impact

Students will be given the ability to partner with faculty, alumni and external businesses to engage in authentic and practical learning experiences, which in turn will help them build the skills, confidence and relationships needed to succeed in the business world.

Business Partner Impact

Winona State’s business partners can utilize the expertise of university faculty and students’ fresh perspectives in working on special projects to generate innovative solutions to their organization’s challenges. Businesses will be able to play an active role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow while having access to recruiting top-talent.

Faculty Impact

Creating more resources, tools and opportunities for collaboration with living, breathing businesses will allow faculty to stay up-to-date on the intricacies and needs of today’s business world. The result? Better enablement to immerse their students in relevant learning experiences.

WSU Impact

WSU will experience increased internal and external collaboration amongst various on-campus departments, alumni and friends, and business partners – bringing all together to share ideas and innovate.

Community Impact

The local community will gain a strengthened relationship with Winona State and newly engaged citizens through providing more opportunities for students to be involved in businesses and organizations within Winona.

Goal: $1 Million

The Engaged Learning Endowment’s goal of $1 million will further differentiate WSU’s college of business and its students by providing unique and collaborative experiences. With your help, our students will graduate after having been immersed in the real world of business, positioned for success.

We will be able to invest in strategic, experiential opportunities for our students and faculty to stay on the leading edge of today’s business world and help solve real world problems.