Dave Rubenstein '86, Trustee

David earned a degree in business administration from Winona State.  He also earned minors in both accounting and sociology, was active in intramural sports and weightlifting; and was a member of the flying club (he obtained his pilot’s certification.)

After leaving Winona, David began working for Koboy-Reslabs Company, a supplier of ammonia and related products.  He developed the California division of Koboy and later managed the Chicago and Los Angeles divisions.  In 1988 he purchased the California division and re-named it Pacific Diazo Products (PDP).  David grew the chemical distribution company to the largest industrial supplier in the southwestern United States.  In 2007 he sold Pacific Diazo and took on a new challenge.

David is founder, investor, board member and COO of the first potential ethanol renewable electricity facility in the United States – California Ethanol & Power, LLC – striving to reduce global warming and produce renewable and sustainable energy.  He was selected as the WSU Distinguished Young Alum in 2009.  David has three children: Paige, Daryn and Matthew; and is married to Camille Soriano-Rubenstein.  His leisure activities include skiing, beach volleyball, golf and coaching his children’s sports teams.


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