WarriorsINNOVATE Past Participants

Lan Party eSports Bar - 2018 Awardee

Zach Finch '18 and Abby Wichman '18

The Lan Party eSports Bar (LPSB) is a facility that offers casual gamers, eSports athletes and super fans an environment to socialize and level up their skills. Gamers can often be stigmatized and corralled as social escapists and shut-ins, when in fact a lot of gamers have thriving online social lives. LPSB looks to address this problem by bringing this social world to life in a way that will positively shape our physical and online communities. The bar will give access to the high performance computers and consoles that competitive gaming demands while giving college age students the opportunity to interact with younger players to help establish a strong sense of community and mentorship.

Prime Time Filmz - Christopher Schroeder '20
Prime Time Filmz is a video production business that creates entertaining and interactive videos for YouTube and website platforms. Videos are focused around video games, music, promotion and vlogs. The business strives to entertain people through showing creativity, talent and skills through their content.

Zip Winona 

Nathaniel Smith '18

Zip Winona will offer an exciting zip-lining experience for tourists and locals. With the launch tower being located atop Bluffside Park and the terminus near Holzinger Lodge, this strategic location will not only be a beautiful view for riders as they zip down the bluffs, the line will be highly visible. The goal is to develop a community of adventure that will draw in tourists and extra money to the Winona area.

College Bound Student Labor Services - Jordan Lagness '19
College Bound Student Labor Services (CBSLS) will hire and train high school and college students to perform a wide variety of jobs. By hiring and training high school and college students who are just entering the workforce or are early in their careers to work on low to medium skilled trades jobs, CBSLS will be able to offer services for less money than other businesses in the area and provide flexible scheduling that other businesses cannot.

Adulting 101

Lea Steele '18

This project will create a central location for students to easily access the variety of resources, seminars, workshops and events offered to them as Winona State University Students. To reach the most number of students and to efficiently cater to each of their needs, which depends on what year they are, it will host the resources, seminars, workshops, and events on Desire2Learn, D2L, and will make a variety of changes to the AskWSU system to make it more interactive for students to be able to easily get their questions answered.

Board Rack - 2018 Awardee

Calvin Johnson '18

Board rack is a longboard and skateboard rack designed to help solve a campus problem. Similar to a bicycle rack, students will no longer need to carry boards around buildings.

With the help of this competition, my improved board rack design will be patented and marketed to every university campus and school in America, and maybe even internationally.



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Short Term Child Care

Social Entrepreneurship

Hannah Wunrow - Class of 2020

In speaking with parents in the community, I have noticed a problem that seems to come up from family to family. Winona does not yet have a good program that helps families to find short term childcare. I plan to help find a solution to this problem. Whether it be a date night babysitter or a summertime nanny, I will create a program to help families to find care for their child. What I plan to do is to develop a program that hires care providers with varying schedules. My target is students of the University. I will then match these providers with a family.

Executive Summary (PDF)

Children of Incarcerated Parents - 2017 Awardee

Social Entrepreneurship

Bethany Bobzin - Class of 2017
Celeste Nitti - Class of 2017

Children of incarcerated parents are five times more likely to commit crimes; 1 in 28 children have an incarcerated parent in the United States. The nonprofit summer program will help support children of incarcerated parents and help reduce incarceration. Schools and law enforcement will work together to find students who would benefit. Students will be assigned a mentor (college social work student) who will check in with them. Time will be spent on curriculum, open discussion, small group discussion, social skill instruction, and transition planning (college, job, military). Children will have a safe place to go with trusted adults.

Executive Summary (PDF)

Cross-Disciplinary App

Business/Product Venture

Kapil Khanal - Class of 2020

Technically speaking, this is an app that uses Machine learning for Data Visualization. Our model will learn from other similar users that have the same interest and level of understanding of the topic. The model will learn the google searches and learning curves of other users so that we continuously revise the model for effective learning. After this, we will present incredibly interactive data visualization of a route to be taken. It is like developing the personalized flowchart of topics to learn for each user which is the most effective way to learn and do that project.

Executive Summary (PDF)

Treedome Productions - 2017 Awardee

Business/Product Venture

Nathaniel Nelson - Class of 2017
Ben Strand - Class of 2017
Tyler Steinley - Class of 2018
Michael Pelley - Class of 2017
Ryan Amble - Class of 2019

Treedome Productions is an artist-run organization based in Winona. We aim to empower a diverse community of artists comprised of musicians, writers, photographers, graphic designers, and filmmakers who seek to contribute, as well as enhance, the arts and entertainment scene in the Midwest. We have a proficient and cohesive business team, a studio facility, and a plethora of connections with industry members immersed in the Winona arts and entertainment community. Our goal is to provide a valuable array of products and services that appeal to those interested in the arts community.

Executive Summary (PDF)