Current Initiatives

The Foundation is focused on initiatives to meet the changing needs of our students, faculty and staff. These are the major fundraising projects we are working toward.

Consider giving to one of these areas, a WSU crowdfunding campaign or scholarships today!

The Big Day 2019

Join us for WSU's giving day experience on Thursday, Oct. 10

We're dedicating 24 hours to support initiatives from across our University in each College, the WSU Foundation, Athletics and more!

Give back to enhance academic opportunities, provide students with valuable experiences and position WSU graduates for success.

See how you can make a difference on The Big Day.

Laird Norton Center for Art & Design

The Laird Norton Center for Art and Design will offer premiere education in the creative fields to students across disciplines. The Center will also serve as a catalyst for enriching and expanding the Winona arts community.

Learn how the Laird Norton project is creating innovative spaces while preserving this historic place.

Here from an expert: Laird Norton for Art and Design Q&A with Roger Boulay.

WSU Stadium

WSU Stadium Renovation will benefit Warrior athletes, students, fans and the community supporters by providing an enhanced game day experience for all.

The upgraded facilities will boost the university's reputation, attracting top DII athletes and aiding recruitment overall.

Here from an expert: WSU Stadium Renovation Q&A with Tom Sawyer.

WSU All-U Campaign

WSU faculty and staff are all in for All-U! The All-University Campaign is our annual employee and retiree drive to provide direct support to the University.

Our gifts fund student scholarships, special projects, and innovative cultural and academic programs across campus.