New Initiatives

In addition to Scholarships and the many people and projects supported by the unrestricted Sustaining Fund, the Foundation invests in new initiatives focused on meeting the changing needs of our students, faculty, and staff.

GIve Now

College of Business Engaged Learning Endowment

Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Through Collaboration 

The Engaged Learning Endowment will create partnerships and collaborative experiences that inspire responsive solutions, and merge academia with business to help students successfully transition from classroom to career.

Learn how the Endowment helps prepare tomorrow’s leaders.

Laird Norton Center for Art and Design

Laird Norton: Creating Art and Community in Historic Downtown Winona

The Foundation invests in meeting the changing needs of our students, faculty, and staff. The Laird Norton Center for Art and Design will offer premiere education in the creative fields to students across disciplines. The Center will also serve as a catalyst for enriching and expanding the Winona arts community. 

Learn how the Laird Norton project is creating innovative spaces while preserving this historic place. 

WSU-Rochester Simulation Center

Immersive Experiences. Quality Workforce.

The WSU-Rochester Simulation Center will provide nursing, counselor education, social work and business/sales students with an innovative experiential learning environment where they perfect the skills necessary for their careers.

Learn more about the Simulation Center's quality programming and innovative learning spaces.

WSU Stadium

WSU Stadium: Giving Warriors the Home They Deserve

WSU Stadium Renovation will benefit Warrior athletes, students, fans and the community supporters by providing an enhanced game day experience for all.

The upgraded facilities will boost the university's reputation, attracting top DII athletes and aiding recruitment overall.

WarriorsINNOVATE Challenge

Creating Value. Solving Problems. Improving Our World.

WarriorsINNOVATE Challenge is an opportunity for students to develop the knowledge and skills needed to put innovative, entrepreneurial ideas into action and create value in the world.

Individuals and groups will compete for a chance to win a share of $10,000 toward jump-starting their idea!